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Turn Failure Into Success: Tips To Help You Move To Higher Heights

Turn Failure Into Success

Turn Failure Into Success: Your parents have probably repeated it to you: in life, we do not always get everything we want! Okay, but how do you manage your failures and not let yourself sink into some hole of depression when things do not follow their course?

Although failure is never cheerful, it is always instructive! You can turn failure into success. Indeed, when we learn from a failure, we know what mistakes to avoid. If you adopt a constructive point of view, you will realize that the term “failure” is not necessarily the opposite of success. What if you consider failure a step on the road to success? How better will your life be!

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Nobody likes to fail. But, let’s be honest, failure is part of life. You Turn Failure Into Success. The great inventors, experienced their share of failures before finding success. Even the best footballers miss more goals than they put in.

Let’s start by changing your perception of failure:

Failure is an urgent call to redouble your effort; it is an opportunity to surpass yourself.

Some tips that will help you turn those small failures into great successes:

1. Be Optimistic; Positivism Makes all the Difference

I am the queen of optimism. So take it from me, you have the right to feel negative emotions like discouragement, sadness, frustration, but it is only you who can decide to transform these emotions into a motor for your success. No one will do it for you. Take your fate into your own hands.

Thomas Edison’s philosophy was based on experimenting while admitting that it did not work 10,000 times and by seeking, at each failure, why it did not work. We all know he ended up finding success. Optimism is not the character trait of the “lucky few” it is the ultimate choice! Even if the choice does not guarantee immediate positive results, it is a sign of unfailing motivation and a strong character.

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2. Be Resilient: Succeeding Means Learning to Manage Failure

Build thick skin. Cultivate strong will. Practice resilience. Stay your focus, keep your eyes on your final goal, remain positive and stubborn to reach your set goal, whatever happens. For this, you can note your objectives and hang above your desk, mirror, bed post, wherever. Just as long as you see it every time. Whatever works for you, DO IT.

By saying goodbye to yesterday, you give yourself another opportunity to succeed in great things. Your mind can concentrate deeply on only a few points. Forgetting mistakes and focusing on new challenges is a particularly effective way to bounce back. Make it a habit to never fall back. The past, whatever it was, was fine; the best is yet to come.

After a failure, take a sheet and note 5 to 10 things you could do to improve, evolve, or not fail next time. You can also answer this question: What did I learn from this failure? To turn failure into success, be honest when answering.

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3. Take Responsibility: Don’t Blame Others, Circumstances, etc

We live in a society that does not teach children to accept failure, the school conditions us to ask more and more. It’s not bad, but you forget to take the time to celebrate your own victories. Same in the world of work. Moreover, we just keep pointing a finger at the blunders, without even daring to stop to learn the lessons from our mistakes. Learning from one’s mistakes is a surefire way to improve.

When we fail, it is always the fault of someone or something; Persons or circumstances. But seeing that failure is an incomparable source of learning, if I make others responsible, I deprive myself of an edifying lesson. Taking responsibility is therefore much more important than wanting to save your reputation. This attitude is, moreover, rewarding, because it leads to maturity which makes it possible to learn from your failures and to continue to try again.

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4. Be Pro-active: Ditch the Fear of the Unknown

After a failure, at the moment of bouncing back, there is often the fear of not getting there, the fear of the unknown. But fear has never allowed anyone to achieve their goals. It is the analysis of our failure that will allow us to rebound. By discovering the reasons that caused it and by learning from our mistakes, we give ourselves the means to progress.

A successful failure is a failure to which we give a positive answer. Did Churchill not say, “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm?”

Learn how to congratulate yourself, reward yourself, make yourself happy. It is very important to learn to celebrate your victories and successes, especially if you missed such recognition as a child. If you are a parent, apply all these things with your children and you will see the results as they spin failure into success in their minds.

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Self-talk can be as powerful as it can be damaging, especially after an ‘epic’ failure. Take charge of your self-talk and don’t let it make you feel worthless. Yes, let it spank you for a while, and then do what it takes to load on positivism and you will be well on you way to rebounding.

We all make mistakes and bad decisions as we move towards one goal or the other. While some of the mistakes we make are major, others are insignificant. The secret of success is therefore to prepare for it in order to learn how to draw lessons and make it a new springboard on which to rebound.

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