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15 Common Tips & Recipes to Help You Get Flawless Skin

flawless Skin

Is having smooth, radiant and flawless Skin not the desire of every woman?

It is totally possible. But contrary to what we see in fashion magazines or on TV all day long, nobody or very few people have the chance to have naturally clear, smooth and even toned skin. While some people seem blessed by the gods with flawless skin, not everyone has the chance to have the same genetic background.

I have made a list of 15 tips to keep your skin flawless and make some onlookers jealous during holidays or throughout the year. With hard work and adding these tips to your beauty routine you can have smooth and soft skin.

  1. Skin Type: Find out what type of skin you have before applying any product on your face. The test of the handkerchief is perfect.

– Press a tissue gently without rubbing on a makeup-free and clean face (no cream or lotion). After 15 minutes;

– if the tissue is dry then you have dry skin, if the tissue is completely soaked you have oily skin and if you have traces of oil on the tissue covering the forehead, nose and chin then you have mixed skin.

  1. Lemon astringent lotion for flawless skin

– Preparation: in a pot boil 10 cl orange flower water.

– Remove from heat and add the zest of a whole lemon.

– Cover and let steep for 24 hours.

– Remove from heat and add the zest of a whole lemon.

– Cover and let steep for 24 hours.

– Filter and store in an airtight. Refrigerate.

– Use: Apply this mixture morning and evening with a cotton pad soaked with this mixture. The preparation is kept in a sealed vial in the refrigerator.

  1. Before washing your face remove makeup completely, even if you only wear makeup slightly or not at all. This will remove all impurities accumulated throughout the day.
  2. To keep an even toned and flawless complexion, you have to regularly wash your face with a suitable product, preferably morning and evening.
  3. Use a cleanser and a moisturizer suited to your skin type (oily, dry, normal or mixed).
  4. Use a cleanser without soap, because soap is not good for the skin, especially black skin. Too much detergent dries it more and disrupts the pH.
  5. Avoid washing your face with hot water too much because it dries the skin.
  6. Avoid drinking too much alcoholic beverages because they tend to dehydrate the skin, giving it a dull and dry appearance. Furthermore, it accelerates aging.
  7. Drink plenty of water, at least 1.5 liters to eliminate all toxins and illuminate the complexion. But especially to moisturize the skin.
  8. Keep your hands as often as possible away from your face because hands are often dirty and can carry germs that once, on the face can cause redness and itching.
  9. Do not pop pimples, not only because it’s painful, but also because you may infect the healthy parts of your face and run the risk of having spots or scars.
  10. Use makeup sparingly (especially during the day). Good products, well used, give a better appearance and above all it makes the skin breathe.
  11. Focus on quality in the selection of cosmetics. Feel free to test several brands before finding the right one. Your skin is the best judge.
  12. Adapt your beauty routine to the different seasons, as our skin has different needs in summer and winter.
  13. Limit the exposure time to the sun. If necessary use a sunscreen or a hat, because even black skin is sensitive to sunlight and can develop skin cancer or other diseases.


  1. Watch your diet, a high fat diet and low in fruits and vegetables is a NO-NO for getting flawless skin.
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