Seeds of Yesterday by VC Andrews

Seeds of Yesterday by VC Andrews – Summary and Review

Summary of Seeds of Yesterday by VC Andrews

Seeds of Yesterday by VC Andrews: Bart now twenty-five, inherits Foxworth, the cursed house which he fully restores. The big party he organizes quickly turns into a new beginning for this family which has been torn and bruised for over 40 years. The rivalry between Bart; the ambitious, the unloved, and his brother Jory, dance star at the height of his career, may finally reduce, or on the contrary amplify irreversibly.

Marked with the seal of their past, but forever united by unalterable feelings, Christopher and Cathy will once again need to overcome the curse on Foxworth. This in the hope that they will enjoy this happiness which has always eluded them.

My Thoughts on Seeds of Yesterday by VC Andrews

I dare say Seeds of Yesterday found a new lease on life with the pursuit of this rather peculiar saga called the Dollanganger series. In fact, an event will change all characters in the saga. The reader will not know what anyone truly believes with all the spoken words and manipulations. I did not expect this. I cannot say whether or not I liked this volume. I have mixed feelings because despite all the positive points, the story was not so engaging. Compared to the beginning the characters became annoying at some point. Well that’s the point of fiction I guess.

As in all stories, it is believed that happiness is now at arm’s length and dang, some pebbles disrupt everything. We learn more things about this family just when we thought we knew everything.

At least the Dollanganger series cannot leave readers hanging in a limbo of zero closure for this hounded characters. Hence, in Seeds of Yesterday happiness may finally triumph, hopefully.

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