If There Be Thorns by VC Andrews

If There Be Thorns by VC Andrews Summary and Review

Summary of If There Be Thorns by VC Andrews 

In If There Be Thorns by VC Andrews Cathy has just moved into a big house with her brother and her two young sons; Bart and Jory. Together they lead the life of a model family, trying to hide all the years of turmoil and drama. With the two brothers trying to develop and assert their character, it could finally be a happy time for them all.

Meanwhile, the lights in the house next door come on. Settled in it is an old veiled lady in black; if, in the diary of a grandfather, Will Bart and Jory discover the awful fate that looms over their family? Horror repossesses the people and area, the same horror that reigned in the attic of Foxworth!


Truth be told, the Dollanganger series is really a creepy read but then reading only the first chapter of If There Be Thorns was more than just creepy. I wondered what was going to happen again. Will Cathy and Chris finally find happiness? As I flashed through the pages, without realizing it I reached the end. I was moved, upset and even felt haunted for these characters. In this volume, the series takes a new breath even if it is very light.

In If There Be Thorns, the view of the book changes, and this time we see the story through the eyes of the two sons of Cathy; Bart (9 years) and Jory (14). I missed Cathy’s point of view since I was accustomed with it but finally got used to it. The two brothers are so different. Bart is the unloved child, or at least that is what he believes. He is jealous and is quickly influenced by their new neighbors, who know more things about his family of than is led on. Jory is the future ballet star, nice, comprehensive and unconditionally loves his parents. But secrets will be revealed; will the feelings of the two brothers towards their parents change?

It is a very interesting volume of the Dollanganger series saga but far from the best. Well that’s just my opinion.

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