Garden of Shadows by VC Andrews

Garden of Shadows by VC Andrews – Summary and Review

Summary of Garden of Shadows by VC Andrews

Garden of Shadows by VC Andrews is the fifth and final book of the Dollanganger Series (started by VC Andrews, finished by Andrew Neiderman). 

Some beings are light, others are plunged into darkness. In Garden of Shadows Olivia Foxworth is the latter, since her marriage to Malcolm turned into a disaster. In fact, he has only one true love, a woman who abandoned him at the age of five. Voluptuous, impulsive, reckless and prodigal – his mother! A born seductress whom Malcom continues to love while abhorring at the same time.

Violated, Olivia will in turn hate him, before pouring out her venom on Alicia, the young wife of his stepfather. A way too beautiful rival? Certainly. But it probably does not justify the fact that she abducts her, nor rob her of her unborn child, that of Malcolm…

My Review of Garden of Shadows by VC Andrews

I was surprised by the publication of Garden of Shadows by VC Andrews under the Dollanganger Series. Indeed, this volume is the last book Virginia began but completed by her family

When I started reading Flowers in the Attic, this volume was not yet published. I must say it was a revelation for me because we now understand how all of a sudden the lives of four children fell into an unnamed hell. Of all the other volumes, Garden of Shadows gives the reader a measure of closure. It is definitely a good read, though a far cry from my Dollanganger series favorite: “Flowers in the Attic” where it all started.

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