President Eliwe; (Dictators – An Anecdotal Series). Episode 1

President Eliwe stood on the presidency balcony and looked on as the gunmen stood ready to fire at the ‘traitor’ who dared to get up to  42 per cent of votes during the recent presidential elections.

Cameras flashed and videos rolled. Recording the most outrageous execution since the coup d’état which set Eliwe as head of state. Even his predecessor wasn’t as despotic as he had so far proven to be.

Let this execution serve as a lesson to everyone who is watching. Eliwe roared in his military baritone.

This man, Savioura Bessimbe has been declared guilty of treason and plotting to overthrow my reign by tampering with the results of the elections just past.

I, President Major General Almighty Eliwe Messabundant have decreed that such flagrant challenge of my authority is proscribed.

Indeed, according to the recently modified constitution of our lands, it is an offense punishable by death.

He gestured to the fireman to shoot and they fired six rounds of bullets into Theodore.

Any man, woman, or child found aiding and abetting anyone with the ambition to overthrow my presidency shall see the same fate.

A special warning goes to the media houses who help spread the campaign lies of these traitors.” he went on.

In this vein, a communique has been released banning every media outlet responsible for spreading the lies of these traitors.

This is a first and final warning!” he roared.

Any other breach of this sort shall meet with the same or a worst fate.

To celebrate our overwhelming victory in the recent elections and 40 years of excellent leadership, I declare today and tomorrow days of celebration and national public holidays.

Let the celebrations begin! he enthused with a big grin before marching off the balcony in long determined strides.

“What a dictator!” Melinda internalized. Disguising her disgust with an expert smile of approval she had become accustomed to.

Those in attendance clapped wildly and others bowed as he passed by them on his way to the sitting room.

N:B: President Eliwe is a fictitious character 

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  • Amazing anecdote. Dictators are surely the bane of sustainable progress. Ask a random person on the streets “Who was the worst dictator in history?” and they will most likely say “Hitler”. Ask a proper historian “Who was the worst dictator in history?” And they will say either Mao Zedong or Joseph Stalin.

    • Hello Emily. Glad you love the piece. It’s a crazy world isn’t it? From Hitler to Stalin and then our African leaders are now sweeping in to take the awards for worst dictators. What a shame!

      • Why does Africa have to go through this?! It has the most natural resources of any continent but yet it’s the poorest. African dictators only came to power due to the support of foreign nations pulling the strings. These dictators are really just puppets working for their white puppeteer masters.

  • I love your dictators anecdote. The title says it’s a series? So we can expect to see more in the weeks ahead I suppose.

    • Hello Lawrence. I’m happy you like it. Yes it’s a series. I am working on a few anecdotes for historical dictators. The stories I’ve read are quite horrible and good reading. So yes, expect more in the week ahead. Cheers.

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