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5 Power Dressing Styles For Working Women Who Run The World!

Your Outfit Should Reflect Your Goals

When it comes to power dressing styles for working women, it is important to understand that your outfit should reflect your goals, your ambitions or your role within the company for which you work.

You do not dress up to show your boss or colleagues your keen sense of style or your perfect knowledge of the latest trends. Also, although it is important that you are well dressed, it is not essential to be fashionable unless you are working in the fashion industry.

Being properly dressed within your company shows your boss, co-workers and customers that you know what you are doing. If you do not dress perfectly, you may be perceived as someone who does not have a high regard for your work and you risk missing interesting assignments or promotions.

Women of small sizes are all the more concerned because they unfortunately have a certain disadvantage compared to their larger counterparts. If you are one of these women, it is especially important for you to reflect a serious image within your company.

NO. 1 - The Perfect African Office Fashion. It's Power Dressing Time for African Women

Power Dressing Styles For Working Women African

The Perfect African Pencil Skirt, Jacket and Accesories

As the name suggests, it is a skirt that perfectly fits our body and shrinks at the knees. It goes from the waist down to the knees and has a slit not to hinder your gait.

Logically this type of skirt would suit everybody, but there is a precision to be made. Above all it is necessary to have thin calves and ankles so that wearing the right skirt is to your advantage. For women of small sizes, the pencil skirt is not ideal unless you wear it with a pair of shoe that makes you add a few centimeters.

Perfect Assortment of Power Dressing Styles For Working Women

You can wear your skirt with top, a bustier or a fluid blouse tucked into the skirt. It also requires high heels and a classic tailored jacket. As accessory, chic bag, or pouch, in the evening.

However, avoid flat shoes because they tamp the silhouette and ruin the femininity of the silhouette given by this skirt.

NO. 2 - Pants, Silk Blouse and Jacket Office Fashion

Power Dressing Styles For Working Women

Perfect Pants, Silk Blouse and Boyfriend Jacket Combination

Consider the Context When Implementing Power Dressing Styles For Working Women. To dress for a business meeting, be in harmony with your audience. If you work in a large company, your look should remain classic and chic. For example, a pantsuit with pumps is perfect. You can also opt for a cigarette pants with a silk blouse and a boyfriend jacket.

You get the idea above. Right!!!

Be Inspired by Rachel Zane's Look

I love the Rachel Zane universe of a very pin up look. It validates my idea that very close to the body dresses are really perfect for a business mind. This gives a classy side (because the high waist gives a good hold) while being very feminine.

This gives the possibility of adding beautiful details: jewelry, shoes and bracelets to give a little fun to a rather sober look.

NO. 3 - Fashionable Pencil Skirt in Power Dressing Working Women

Power Dressing Styles For Working Women

NO. 4 - Inspired by Rachel Zane (Suits) Power Dressing for Fashionable Working Women

Power Dressing Styles For Working Women

NO. 5 - Straight Gown and Accessories for Working Women

Power Dressing Styles For Working Women


If you work in an artistic environment or in communication, you can opt for more trendy clothes. Thus, it will be more judicious to bet on a beautiful printed dress, coupled with ankle boots and a perfecto.

To avoid absolutely when implementing Power Dressing Styles For Working Women:

  • Clothes that are too sexy like mini-skirts and open necklines (you will lose the attention of the customer)
  • Too much transparency, too short or too tight
  • Extremely high-heeled shoes

I hope this has given you ideas for your next meetings. It makes me want to go shopping.

And you, are you rather a jeans or dress at office person?

You can check out my boss lady Pinterest board for more!!!

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