Petals on the Wind by VC Andrews

Petals on the Wind by VC Andrews (Dollanganger series BK II) – Review

SUMMARY of Petals on the Wind by VC Andrews (second book of the Dollanganger series)

Finally freed from the grips of the horrifying family and the attic where they were kidnapped, the surviving children find themselves parachuted into a world about which they know almost nothing.

Alone and helpless, they must now face life and its pitfalls… And its new dramas. However, luck seems to smile at them when their path crosses that of Dr. Paul Sheffield who immediately welcomes and shelters them. Chris can now begin his medical studies, while Cathy embarks on a career as a dancer. Years pass and make them adults. Fate seems to be good to them and life opens up before them.

Love and success makes them even forget their terrible childhood. But for how long?


The Dollanganger series is one hell of a Gothic fiction saga but I think Petals on the wind is even more painful than the first volume.

Happiness seems to smile at the three children who were able to escape. Only, it is for a short duration. Even as the children try to resume a normal life what they have lived is heartrending and seems to pursue their every waking hour.

The hatred Catherine feels will lead her to some bad choices, but it is also normal. At times things happen to us that cause us to become so uncontrollable that we want to hurt the one who hurt us that much. This is not healthy and Catherine will learn this at her own risk.

In a nut shell, Petals on the Wind by VC Andrews, the second book of the Dollanganger series does not drift too far from the first, showing us how the freed children open to life. But also how the trauma is still present, preventing them from finally finding happiness. In short, it is just as exciting.

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