Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks

Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks – Review

SUMMARY of Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks

This novel tells the story of Theresa, a recently divorced single mum who finds a letter, in a bottle dropped at sea, along the beach. The letter is addressed to Catherine and signed by Garret. Out of curiosity, Theresa opens and reads the letter. Her news agency publishes the letter, hence inviting other letters of like nature to be forwarded for publishing.

Curiosity has the best of Theresa, who goes out to meet the author of such emotional letters only to find out he is a widower trying to deal with his loss by pouring out his heart on letters to his late wife which he throws at sea. The two start a love relationship which hits the rocks when Garrett finds out Theresa was in possession of all his letters to Catherine. What pursues in the novel will leave you in tears…


Pain! Joy! Grief! Love! All wrapped up in a single story.  If you want to have your heartstrings tugged at to infinity, then Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks is for you. After 10 years of reading countless love stories, it still remains one of the most emotionally nerve wrecking novels I have ever read.

The first time I read it was over 10 years ago. I was unable to put it down until the last line. By then, all the Kleenex around me was drenched in tears. I re-read it 5 years later and twice in the last six months. Tell you something, even after four reads, I always finish this novel in tears, and I don’t mean this as a metaphor.

Nicholas Sparks’ style and the words engraved on the pages of this book are so captivating, as they exude deep emotions like every Nicholas Sparks novel. The twists and turns make this novel one helluva page turner. Although this is an old novel, I really wanted to review it; just in case you’ve never read it and you are a sucker for an emotional downpour.

  • Nice review. I have read many Nicholas Sparks novels but it’s funny that I never got around to reading this one. Thanks for the review. I will certainly check it out now.

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