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Love On The Rebound

I fell in Love on the rebound or at least I thought it was a rebound.

I told myself I was not ready to love another, not just yet,
I told myself I just needed someone to make me smile,
I told myself I just needed someone to help me forget the pain of a lost love,
I told myself I was in control of my heart and not the other way round,
And was I convinced I was in control, until long after the breakup. 

The first days were cool. I was strong. Had been through worst things,
The weeks which followed were slightly gloomy but I was strong, won’t cry,
The months which followed the weeks were becoming somber, sad and solitary,
The years which followed the months were most dark, tears came now and then,
My heart only broke months and years after the Break-Up.

I only knew it was love when it was out the door,
I only knew it was love when there was no turning back,
I only knew it was love when the locks on the doors had changed,
I only knew it was love when my heart broke in the middle of the night for loosing the one I had called “my Rebound,”
I only knew it was love when the tears of my broken heart soaked my pillow, so much so that I could not be consoled.

Now I’m at the crossroads of my life, wondering which way to go,
Should I tell you how I feel? Or Should I just Move on as I have so far?
Should I find another love? Or Seek out that which seems to elude me?
Will it be easy to get you back on since I have figured out you are the one?
Or should I just admit the fact that I lost the moon while counting the stars?

I just can’t believe my “Rebound Love” was actually one of my big Loves!!!

30 thoughts on “Love On The Rebound

  1. This was really beautiful. It was heartrending and I could hear you crying. By the time I got to the question of should you move on or find the person again, i was desperately hoping you’d find each other again! Very expressive and to any of us who have lost love, it was something we can identify with. Good job!

  2. Very interesting words, and specially the last line,
    ‘Or should I just admit the fact that I lost the moon while counting the stars?’
    moves one, it happens and its a fact we witness now in our society.

    Congrates, keep up with lovely words.


  3. What a Romantic sensation. Great Poems from Cameroon; Each verse evokes melancholy, and bitterness. the love is gone, and u feel it just a long time after that. but alas! the choice has been made. u gotta just walk back to the person no matter how difficult it sounds and ask him back. For he was “actually one of my big Loves!!!”””

      1. Ermsy Rene I’m really glad you loved it and would like a copy…ofcourse all rights are reserved. my name appears on any re-production of this poem, where ever it appears. hihihiiii..cheers buddy

  4. Sweetie; this is truely amazin n profound, this heartfelt piece literally took my breathe away. As long as God gives you breath to breathe keep writing!

    1. oh my baby sis, thank u sweaty. I’m so glad you loved it so much. I wll keep the ink flowing as long as God gives me breath, He will sure continue inspiring me to higher heights.

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