If Anything, He Sucksssss

He has a bottle of beer in his right hand and a cigarette in the left hand every time I see him,

Then he wonders why I don’t like talking with him

He reeks of alcohol always, walks with a steady stagger all the while and drools in every way while talking

Then he is stupefied I don’t want him anywhere around me

His eyes roll up and down the street at everything in skirts even when he is trying to get my attention

Then he is shocked I don’t even try to pay attention

He is pushy, always wants his own way, speaks at the top of his voice from every beer parlour

Then he can’t comprehend that I can’t find him appealing

He brags about how much he can spend on drinks in one night,

He brags about how many bottles of beer he can drink in one sitting,

He brags about how many packets of cigarette he can smoke within a day,

Dude even brags and openly too, about being able to drive while totally drunk,

He brags about how many women he has laid and some while they walk by,

He brags about his visits to various prostitute streets and adventures with them,

And he is hysterical that I never have time to listen to him

This dude drinks like a fish, smokes like chimney, is loud like a stereo and is so puffed up you would think he has a case of yeast infection

Then he can’t conceive why he is insignificant in my sight

My oh my! who can help me tell this guy to reign it in coz it’s not attractive, if anything it sucks!!!

CL Ngwe-Nwi


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