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I Wrote A Potential Break-Up Letter

I wrote a potential break-up letter; it broke my heart into pieces.

Why potential, and not simply a break-up letter? You ask.

Well, it’s a letter with a condition which either needs to be met or a break-up ensues.

So, I am an everlasting optimist. Hence, my hope for a good outcome is at 9.5 on a scale of 1-10. Because I believe that whatsoever ensues is good for my relationship.

Don’t get me wrong. “Good” could either be a better relationship or a break-up, in which case, we will all move-on to other things.

Who knows what the future holds and who we meet in life (wink)!


But by the way, who writes a break-up letter these days??

Well, I do. I guess I am too much of a coward to look at someone in the eye and tell them some serious stuff.

Ok; as I was saying, I just finished writing a potential break-up letter but I will only give it’s addressee a month or so from now. i.e. If I ever do give it.

Why then did I write it now? You would ask.

To look at it every now and then and correct one or two things,

To make sure the depth of what I feel is aptly expressed in the letter,

To ensure that my message is as clear as day to the one reading it.


Speech is really over-rated sometimes because all things are not expressed completely.

Before you open your mouth to say “I…” your interlocutor is already grappling with a response.

Then you don’t even get to say it all and then you walk away with a feeling of not having been understood.

Writing a letter opens avenues to express one’s thoughts, emotions with no room for interference from the addressee.

Yes, they will read through and take time to respond while addressing each point on your letter with a clear mind too.

Sometimes the best way to communicate is to pen down your emotions in such an explicit manner.


I haven’t written in a while, poetry or otherwise and I’ve been going through some good stuff. I hope my letter passes across the message from my heart as I want it to. Phwwwww!

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