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BHON The End

LOVE ME ONE LAST TIME   I hugged him with all my strength and he began to kiss me on my neck. I stepped back to look at him. He looked me straight in the eyes and said “you are so beautiful and sexy. Your weight loss suits you well.” How callous,

BHON Part 5

A WALKING CORPSE   The next two weeks were painful. We barely spoke to each other. We owned an apartment, a joint account and we had to settle things. Remember I left school and I was now financially dependent on him, which made me frankly uncomfortable. He told me he would pay

BHON Part 4

MORE TEARS AFTER SOME SMILES   “I will always love you,” Atembe told me gently as he leaned down to plant a kiss on my lips on Christmas day as we were snugged up in the couch. We had the most magical Christmas season. We exchanged gifts and made big love declarations.

BHON Part 3

THE TEARS START ROLLING Three months later, I came back from classes, and just before settling to some assignments I decided to check my emails to see if my sweetheart had sent me a love message, as he was on the road. As expected, I noticed his subject before any other

BHON Part 2

REALITY STEPS IN - OUR FIRST BIG TEST AS A COUPLE   I woke up with a start and rushed to the bathroom to throw up. Atembe followed to make sure all was well. This had been going on for a while and I was having a fever every now and then.

BHON Part 1

BLEEDING HEART ON THORNS *************   A COLD BUT PLEASANT DAY   “Hey Erica, dreadfully cold morning huh?” yelled Maddie as I went by in a frantic haste. “Hello Maddie, can’t say I wanted to get out of my bed this morning. Going for a cup of coffee before work” I waved at my favorite magazine