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Tears on my cheeks Furrow on my brow It’s sad to see I am a stranger in the land of my birth Symphony of pain, sadness and sorrow A people rise to have their hitherto gagged voice heard Alas! What we hear are wailing fathers, mothers, sons, daughters Heartbroken by the brutal murder of their loved

I Love A Special Man Like I mean It

I love a special man, He loves me like he means it, He kisses me like he means it, He touches me like he means it, He makes love to me like he means it, He looks at me like I am the only woman in the world. I love a special man, My heart laughs when

List: 2016 Cameroon Hits and Artists I Loved

2016 cameroon hits

2016 has been a year of exploits in many spheres of Cameroon life. Despite the rather harsh conditions our brothers and sisters in the entertainment industry are breaking ground and reaching the ends of the world with great rhythms and movies. I am listing 2016 Cameroon hits and some of

I Wrote A Potential Break-Up Letter

I wrote a potential break-up letter; it broke my heart into pieces. Why potential, and not simply a break-up letter? You ask. Well, it’s a letter with a condition which either needs to be met or a break-up ensues. So, I am an everlasting optimist. Hence, my hope for a good outcome is

If Anything, He Sucksssss

He has a bottle of beer in his right hand and a cigarette in the left hand every time I see him, Then he wonders why I don’t like talking with him He reeks of alcohol always, walks with a steady stagger all the while and drools in every way while talking Then

My Best Friend Would be a Millionaire

If she got a dollar every time I said ‘I am over him,' If she got a dollar every time I said ‘this is a sick feeling,’ If she got a dollar every time I said ‘I don’t love him anymore,’ If she got a dollar every time I said ‘I don’t think

He Said ‘Hello’ and my Heart was Gone

It was a warm Tuesday Morning Bag in hand I walked quietly and solemnly to school Half way there I met a guy. He said ‘Hello’ with a smile I kind of smiled back and tried to walk away, But No! Mr. Man had a few other words to say I tarried but for some