Who are Writers?
Who are Writers?

Well, well, well, look at who just clicked on the ‘About’ page! I mean like really? Did you actually click on the ‘ABOUT’ page or was it an error click?


Ok, just in case you actually want to know something about me and the meaning behind the name of this site here goes:


I am one helluva haphazard creative, who has put up a blog for multi-faceted writers like myself to rant and blab about everything and anything.

Actually, I blab and sometimes rant about everything and anything within the scope of writing, languages, literature, novels, movies, music, translation and what have you! I’m a translator – writer, can’t help it!

Trying to reconcile the divergent aspects of my person have proven fruitless. Because, in fact they are truly reconciled in me. I am a reconciliation of all things artsie and not so much so (even I wonder what that means). Please don’t hold me to it. lol. I am a combination of umpteen extremes living as one indivisible wonderful whole. I love and accept ME!


I believe human conventions, pre-conceived notions, religion and the world’s cacophony do not stifle creativity, neither should they. Rather  they serve as breaking ground manifestations of the limitless parlay of ideas floating the grand mass called ‘space.’ Creatives are ever inspired and are always creating. I believe this is what makes us whole and keeps us feeling fulfilled.

I have a love-hate relationship with Christianity, I write poetry, songs, short stories, novels (all unfinished), I learn languages when chanced, I am an avid reader and an unrepentant  movie/series addict.

My simple rule: ‘If I don’t enjoy it, I don’t do it.’ As a result, my reviews revolve around my personal entertainment interests: books, movies, shows and sometimes music.


It’s almost midnight, and here am I seated on a cold cushioned table chair, wishing I could come up with an ingenious name for my blog. Fresh, original, unique!

An idea pops up to have ‘sphinx ‘ in the mix. A sphinx is multi-faceted like most creatives are.  But how will this go down? I’m racking my brain. By now, I’m feeling the light throbbing of a headache pounding at my forehead – fatigue. But I can’t stop! Not now! Not just yet! A little harder! C’mon!. I nudge my brain for a few more minutes….no luck. Pffff I should walk a little…..I up out of my chair.

I set off at a leisurely pace to the balcony. The midnight cold caresses my face and my weary eyes brighten up for a bit. 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins. Yes! Another great idea lurches in. ‘Phoenix’ should join the fish pond. Hmmmmm. How on earth will this happen?


A sphinx is multi-faceted: creatives are generally a bunch of people all trying to express themselves

A phoenix rises from its ashes: an artist never really dies

A land for creatives who are multi-faceted and whose art will live long after they have gone to the world beyond. Great!

Brain charge, brainstorm word play, phrase testing! I am totally in the zone: Phoenixopia, Sphoenixopia, Sphinxopia, Sphinixopia, Sphoenixia…and dang, here it comes. Why try to cut and formulate when I can simply combine my two rock stars – right?


A land of sphinxy creatives with phoenixy arts. Ingenious indeed! Lolz.

Charging off to bed now, my brain can’t take any more. Peace. Out!

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