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A New Year, A New You, A Better You – 12 Steps You Can Take

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To A Better You  — Happy New Year 2017!!!

The year ending went by so fast it was hard to catch my breath. Resolutions were made, most fulfilled and others completely forgotten: as usual. However, in theory, we all want to become better. But it’s easier said than done! I strive to be better every day. Not easy, but progress is made daily.

When you think about getting better, do you imagine becoming someone else? Look like someone you admire? What comes to mind?

Truth is you will not be able to become someone else. You must seek to improve yourself to become a better you, not turn yourself into another person.

You are unique. However, we can all improve. Do not focus on becoming perfect or rich or famous. Everyone can’t be. What are the steps to becoming a better version of you? You ask. Let’s go:

 1. Work Smart

In all fields, hard work pays off. In addition, there is something rewarding about working hard. Now, this does not mean you should toil 15 hours a day all week. This is not what I mean. When you are working, you must feel yourself moving forward, feel that you are accomplishing something. Find out what makes you feel like this and then go on. Do not hesitate to touch on everything. I’m not asking you to work in one area. You can change your mind throughout your life. Remember that change is the only constant thing and it is normal.

2. Be Friends With the Right People

To become a better you, you need good friends. I’m not talking about friends you meet at work, football or friends of friends on Facebook. I’m talking about real relationships with real people. Jim Rohn says “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Hence, true friends have an influence on you. Sharing your problems and victories is an essential part of improving a person. These friends can help you stay on track and bring solutions to your problems. Friends are more important than you think. They deserve the time and effort you put into them.

3. Let go of the Past

One of the basic steps to being happy is to let go of the past. Becoming a better you means you have to let go of that which can hold you back. Often the difficult moments, the pain, the injustices that we have lived prevent us from advancing. Like an anchor, they hold us in a sea of confusion, no matter how strong the winds of change are. Do not ruminate on the past. What matters is what you choose to do today. Letting go, it’s not easy, but it’s doable. Do not keep evils in mind. Free them and keep your mind focused on the present and your plan for the future.

4. Adapt To The Changing You

There will always be things we do not like. However, there is something awesome in the human being: you can adapt! Fighting change is a lost cause. Changes will happen whether you like it or not. Instead of fighting these changes, adapt and seize the opportunities. With each change, you can still learn something new. Imagine what our parents or grandparents were like: from the time of clay pots, wooden spoons, wooden bicycles, etc to the arrival of telephone and electricity in our homes, the first plane, the internet… Change must happen, so adapt!

5. Disconnect

Surprisingly, being connected all the time is not good for you. Admittedly, the Internet is an incredible source of knowledge in all areas that you can use to develop your knowledge. But how can you understand who you are when you are bombarded by other people who tell you who you should be? Disconnect! Mobile phones, television, Internet, social networks. Being alone and quiet is a great way to have clear ideas and focus on what you want. Once you know what you want, log back on, look for the information or friends you will need.

6. Forget the Words ‘Could’ and ‘Should’

The life of many people is unnecessarily overloaded with the words ‘could’ and ‘should’. I should get better. I could do more of this and less of that. I need to be there for them. I’d have to do that. These are words that kill action. Because often, after saying it, nothing happens. And in addition, afterwards, you will regret not having done it whereas you told yourself that you had to do it. There is nothing worse to kill your potential. Take more action to do, create, change, improve.

7. Now is the Time

Looking ahead is fine, but do not let future plans paralyze you. Now is the right time to become a better you. Once you have a dream, an idea, a plan, get started. There will be no ideal moment when all conditions of money, knowledge or relationships will be met. You can spend your entire life saving, reading, learning and dreaming without ever realizing anything. Instead, make your dreams come true now. Do not wait and start now. Even if it is only a step towards your dream, you will have already progressed. Try each day to get closer to your dreams and become a better you.

8. Help Someone Else

It goes without saying, helping others is a great way to progress. Becoming a teacher will force you to deepen your knowledge. Do not be a closed person who only thinks about meeting your own needs. Establish relationships because these relationships can even allow you to meet the next person who will help you.

9. Get out of Your Comfort Zone

You will never learn or progress without getting out of your comfort zone. If you are satisfied with what you master, what you can do, you will never improve. The risk is scary, but in truth, it is a source of improvements and opportunities. Get out of your comfort zone and dare to try something new. There are only benefits to trying. Take up the challenge to change your life.

10. Find Your Place

Everyone should have a place to themselves. It is a place where you feel calm, at home, at peace. Some like to be outside, under a tree. Personally, I like a garden. Some people like to be in their car, others like to take long hot baths, others still have a comfortable reading corner. Find out what makes you happy and where you can enjoy it. It will recharge your batteries and help you remember who you are.

11. Forget Perfection

One great obstacle is the quest for perfection. People confuse the search for perfection and the attainment of their best. Perfection is beyond our reach. Even if we do something that we think is perfect, there is surely someone else who will be able to do better or faster. Perfection should not be your goal. Instead, try to do your best. Try each time to reach your best level. By trying to give the best of yourself, you will even be able to exceed your limit. But it will not be perfect. In doing so, you become not only better, but you also allow those around you to become better.

12. Persevere

Everyone has ups and downs. Some days you will be so happy, other days you will feel depressed and lethargic. However, the best way to operate under all circumstances is to be consistent. Do you smile and say hello on the good days? Do it also on the awful days. Being consistent is a great way to balance your moods and become a better you. Living every day means that you never do less than the day before, even if you do not feel your best.

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